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Color Pendants

Living in Full Color

The pictures that we cherish most not only tell our personal story but bring the vibrancy, the heartbeat, the color of a special moment to life. Full color photo pendants take those images and display them in a manner that is not only full of bold beautiful colors but also in a way that allows the emotion of the moment to be felt.

A wide variety of shapes, themes and designs means that choosing the color photo jewelry that appeals to you the most can be done with ease. Styles to honor family moments, bar shapes that can be engraved with a panoramic image, even pet styles that let you show your love and companionship for our animals all include a matching chain and the option to personalize with engraved text.

Feel The Love

Full color photo engraved pendants are designed to help touch and feel the beauty of the captured moment. The unique white background is textured which gives great dimension to the face of the pendant. The engraved image is not only in full color and an exact replica of the submitted photo but  the picture has the exact qualities of the textured background. This allows you to touch the engraved image with your fingertips, gives you a unique opportunity to ‘feel’ the picture.

And because everything is done in house, we have the ability to crop the picture to your exact specifications, giving you an image that is exactly what you asked for.

Cherish and celebrate the moments in your life that tell your story with a beautiful stainless steel full color photo engraved pendant!