Think Global Not Local", says Arthur he godfather of Jerry Lin, who spent more than decades with the Red Cross in Colombia, his willingness to give and to love infected him deeply. Jerry was inspired to set up a company in memory of Arthur's great love and extend it to a wider continent, he has greatest motivation and makes a lot of efforts for purpose. He and his passionate team found the company—— Toytempo

 It wasn't driven primarily by profit, rather, the Toytempo name developed during the outbreak of COVID-19.

 He hope could bring happiness and wellness of the people around him, ultimately the whole world kind people can enjoy and get better.

 His "Global to Local” theory help him commit to integrate resources and bring excellent products to people all over the world.

Jerry likes to share, for people who love life, it never mean being grateful. is being owned and operated by QLZB INVESTMENT LTD. Toytempo team, and mainly focus on Chilldren. A platform that provide children's educational toys.

Guess what? He is in 60's now, but has a great track record always insists on backing first-time entrepreneurs but for the young person, or the next-generation of aspiring entrepreneur. Fortunately, more and more young people are binding together in this interest of event. Many of them come from a professional designer, website operator, sales consultant, market researcher etc. "We are one family", the sense of family what Arthur taught makes this online store is home to a young progressive creative community, full of love and passionate individuals willing to give. In active play against old traditional shopping mall, Jerry and his team has dedicated the sense of family and friendly connection extends to all of you, our customer. We appreciate your trust in us and our products, and we are so much honored to offer better goods and services, a favorable prices, ultimate facileness and fun.


 Guaranteed quality

—— Toytempo owns suppliers equips advanced production and test equipment, adopts sound quality control systems.


 Steady supply

——stable supply chain ensures fast and on time delivery.


Comprehensive service

——Well-trained pre-sales and after-sales team able to provide product  service in time, interacted online and offline sales strategy.


Enterprise value

——Communication is the most effect way to solve all difficulties.



——Responsibility is the foremost sense to our valuable customers, colleagues.



——A group that comes together with power makes everything a success.



——Our value exists to maximize productivity and social value.

 Life goes on, everyday brings new story, come and love.



Company Information

Store name: Toytempo
Address: 14101 Sullyfield Circle #340, Chantilly Virginia 20151, United States.
Phone: +1 628-629-4063