At Toytempo ,we personalize your jewelry that we design,cut and engrave it according to the photo you provided.Our goal has always been to build a honest business that bring quality to your life,ensuring that you get a beautiful custom piece that you can enjoy for a lifetime.We are proud to be the witness of your love,a token of friendship or keepsake of your furry friend.

To help you best present your personalized piece and to ensure that all of customers we concern have an enjoyable purchase experience,we have developed the following guidelines for photo uploaded to our platform.


After you select "UPLOAD YOUR IMAGE" on the product page you will be able to upload an image file directly from your computer.Simply choose the picture you would like to use for your Toytempo Jewelry and proceed the cropping.


You will enter the crop modal after you've chosen your best picture for your custom product.
The crop modal enable you to preview the photo that you uploaded and adjust it whatever you like it to be appearing in your design.

Cropping Modal Guidelines For Photo Upload

We accept most common image formats:jpg,jpeg,png,webp.
We recommend uploading large images that show off the details of subject. However, images above 2500px in width or 2500px in height will be reduced to fit dimensions in the cropping modal.
The quality and clarity of your pictures uploaded is the key to our designers' drawing talents, and it affects the quality of the finished product.To ensure that your final piece turns out beautiful,you image should adhere to the following guidelines:
Photos you choose should avoid:

  • Underexposed or overexposed images
  • Poor lighting
  • Color shifts
  • Harsh shadows or reflections
  • Blur from motion or focusing issues
  • Dirty lenses or fogging
  • Tilted or rotated images. The pictures should have straight edges and corners.

We suggest you take your time to take a good photo,a high-quality cropped images will be critical to the final result.

The photos above shows what we suggest and not.Please make sure you're putting your picture in correct position,we'll make it exactly the same as shown in your preview modal.

A high resolution photo with great lighting conditions will turn out the best Toytempo Jewelry product.We can not stress enough how important the image you uploaded on our website.This affect the final products and our service quality,please read our photo guideline carefully and upload photos that match.

If you have any questions regarding this Photo Guide or its implementation, you can reach us at: 
6215 Northeast 92nd Drive
Portland, U.S 97220
Phone: ‪(425) 390-4627‬


If you choose text engraving, please have in mind the text you wish to engrave should not be longer than 25 characters including, symbols and emojis. Examples:

  • "My best friend"
  • "Best friends forever"
  • "Always in my heart ❤️"