Montessori Shape Blocks Toy

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Shape: Cube


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How to keep your toddler from always throwing and smashing stuff?

One-year-olds just love the sound of banging, doors or drawers opening and closing, and throwing food on the floor. We may not get it, but for them, it's captivating. At this age, toddlers are erratic, but that's completely normal. Doesn't mean your furniture needs to suffer, though, does it? Introducing them to toys that require focus, attention, and precise hand movement might just save that last piece of china in your cupboard.

Is your kid crying at the top of their lungs while having a bath?

A few droplets and shampoo on their face, noooo! What a tragedy! Have no idea how you guys made it through that last bath-time. Sometimes all they need is a bit of a distraction. Try a toy that floats and makes them try to catch it while developing their hand-eye coordination and grasping. It will make bathroom sessions drama-free. 

✅ Helps kids calm and concentrate and improves logical reasoning
Reduces anxiety, agitation, discomfort, and restlessness in toddlers
✅ Keeps your child engaged and motivated to explore for hours
✅ Develops a sense of order, patience, attention span, self-discipline

Don't just turn on the TV to have some time for yourself.

Letting your kids watch the TV or YouTube is the worst solution to keeping them occupied while you finish your chores or simply read a book you've been neglecting. Not only is it bad for their sight, but it will also prevent them from finding any other activity exciting or amusing. They'll ask for TV until their teenage years. Give them a toy that's both entertaining and beneficial.

Materials usage and quality.

High-quality ABS plastic is non-toxic, odorless, and impact-resistant, making it excellent for toddlers. Elastic rope can endure the forceful pulling of a young infant. In addition, the box frame has been professionally polished and treated to be extremely smooth and silky to provide the best protection for the baby's delicate skin.

Look no further for a baby shower gift!

Your best friend in the whole wide world is due in a few weeks. It's time to shower them with gifts. But what should you bring that no one else will think of? No worries, we got you! A perfect gift for that earliest developmental stage. Years later, you can tell everybody that you are the reason that little kid got into IVY league school.

Don’t look at this as a simple toy purchase because it certainly isn’t.
Look at this as an investment in your child's future, which you know is priceless.

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