Silver Plated Necklace
Silver Plated Necklace
Silver Plated Necklace
Gold Plated Necklace
Silver Plated Necklace
Gold Plated Necklace
Gold Plated Necklace
Gold Plated Necklace

Personalised Overlapped Hearts Photo Projection Necklace


Material: Gold Plated

Gold Plated
Gold Plated
Silver Plated

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Never leave your memory behind and personalized your one of a kind

Customize this handcrafted necklace with a image of your family member or friends.They can be furry pup,the one that you love the most or someone that you never forget.

A perfect piece of souvenir made using your material of choice that ensures your loved one gets the best they deserve. 

Process Your Design

Our brilliant artist begins to draw out the silhouette according to the image you upload and by using photo editing and re-touching technique to enhance all the fine details for the engraving process.

Handcrafted The Art

Your Gift will be precisely cut, engraved and polished to shine.It will be packaged in a delicate gift box.Now it's ready to be worn and flaunt for the world to see.


Choose your design

A variety of creative designs allow you to choose your favourite(s),ensure your loved one gets the best they deserve.

Upload your picture

Pick a image from your smart device or social media,make sure you're putting your picture in correct position,we'll make it exactly the same as shown in the preview.

Ready to receive your one and only Giftcut

We will review your photo and eternalize your custom piece. Your everlasting Gift jewelry is now ready to be worn and enjoyed forever.

Photo Guide


After you select "UPLOAD YOUR IMAGE" on the product page you will be able to upload an image file directly from your computer.Simply choose the picture you would like to use for your Toytempo Jewelry and proceed the cropping.

The crop modal enable you to preview the photo that you uploaded and adjust it(Drag & Drop) whatever you like it to be appearing in your design.

Cropping Modal Guidelines For Photo Upload
We accept most common image formats:jpg,jpeg,png,webp.
The quality and clarity of your pictures uploaded is the key to our designers' drawing talents, and it affects the quality of the finished product.
Photos you choose should avoid:

  • Underexposed or overexposed images
  • Poor lighting
  • Color shifts
  • Harsh shadows or reflections
  • Blur from motion or focusing issues
  • Dirty lenses or fogging
  • Tilted or rotated images. The pictures should have straight edges and corners.

We suggest you take your time to take a good photo,a high-quality cropped images will be critical to the final result.

The photos above show what we suggest and not.Please make sure you're putting your picture in correct position,we'll make it exactly the same as shown in your preview modal.Read more on Toytempo  Photo Guide.

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If your don't like your Toytempo, we'll replace it.

If you have any questions or concerns, please submit a Contact Request to our customer support team and we'll be happy to help. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed.


The Toytempo Team

Handcrafted With Love

Precisely cut, engraved and polished to shine,100% Handcrafted

Personalize Using Photo

Upload your fun and lovely fluffy pet image to your product

Satisfaction Guarantee

Covered by our satisfaction policy & 30-day money back guarantee

Support Climate Initiative

A portion of every product sold is donated to support Stripe Climate

With Every Piece Of Toytempo,You‘ll Get..

Create With Love

Custom-made Toytempo jewelry is precisely cut with the silhouette of your photo and engraved by our artists using your material of choice.

Shop Risk Free

Rest easy! All Toytempo produts are insured by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!If you don't like it,we will replace it whatever it takes.

Privacy & Security

100% safety checkout with no-contact delivery service.Your information is promised to be secure with 256-bit encryption.

Support & Service

Toytempo are not only guaranteed to safely preserve a memory of your love one but also available for any questions you have 24/7.

You Might Also Wonder

How do you produce your designs? Will I be able to review how the final product will lookimage will look before being made?

We are a digital design studio and we use a range of proprietary photo editing techniques, professional photo re-touching and blending processes to turn your original photo into a high quality pendant.

We cannot send a final product preview,we'll do our best to make it exactly the same as your photo shown in our site.

Will just the main image be engraved or will background also be engraved?

Please note that there is no color involved in our cut & engraving process therefore just the main subject of your image will be delicately cut & engraved.

If you do picture and engraving, is picture on one side and engraving on the other or same side for both?

For most of Toytempo products,the picture will be engraved on one side and the message on the other.But you can always leave your texts in both freely.

Can I upload my photo contains multiple pets or people on it?

In order to get the best quality of your Toytempo,please make sure the pets or people in your photo are positioned right next to each other with little to no space between them.Because the size of our products is fixed,all multi-objects photo will not increase the size of the finished product.On the contrary,it will make the objects in the photo you uploaded smaller.
We recommend to do 1 subject per pendant.If you order any 2+ piece,it will automatically save you 20% of the price during checkout.

I have an adorable photo of my bird,do you do that as well?

By far we've created beautiful dogs,cats,birds,horses,fishes,human beings and even cars.We can cut & engrave your pieces no matter what species or breed.Shoot us a high-quality image is the key,leave all the rest to us.

How big is the medallion keychain,what are your pendant sizes?

Toytempo provides size guides for keychain,necklace and bracelet.

Keychain:1.2in (30mm)diameter



Could I add emoji to my engraving texts which looks nice?

Usually people like to add a heart or cute paw on the back of the pendants. This is completely achievable. In most cases, it is not recommended to add some strange symbols or complex emojis.Our text engraving is free of charge.
With text engraving part, the following rule applies: less is more!