Montessori Newborn Black & White Book

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Do not overlook this opportunity to promote your infant's growth.
When a newborn baby is welcomed into your home, you may feel like you are doing all you can for them. Yet, certain aspects of their development may not seem as easy to nurture as you'd thought. Nevertheless...

Are you offering your infant the visual stimulation they require?
Your little one learns to see just like they learn to walk and talk. They learn how to use their eyes as a team and move them together. But to do so, they need something to focus their eyes on. Infants' sight is not as developed, and they can't see far away or distinguish similar colors.

So what can you do?
This Montessori Newborn Contrast Book offers babies stimulating visual experiences with its black-and-white pages. With the use of high-contrasting pictures and toys, babies can develop and hone their eyesight, as well as forge new neural pathways as they recognize and process the images they see.

  • Helps brain development, improves focus, and strengthens eyesight
  • Reduces anxiety, agitation, discomfort, and restlessness in infants
  • Keeps your child engaged and active for long periods
  • Develops concentration and attention span and boosts curiosity

Securely fasten this book to your infant's crib, and engage your baby in an interactive reading experience.
The book has ribbons, so it can be easily attached to the side of your baby's crib. This way, your child can enjoy it any time they like. However, you should go through these pages together. Let your child focus on one image at a time a tell them a story about it Your infant will become accustomed to your voice in this manner.

You can also clean it in a washing machine.
Just throw it inside on a low-temperature setting and forget about it. Materials are soft so as not to harm your baby. This is not only an educational Montessori toy but also very convenient.


  • Age: 0+
  • Size: 31.9 in x 5.9 in (81 x 15cm)
  • Material: Cloth
  • Style: fashion and simplicity
  • Features: Visually Exciting
  • Color: picture color

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  • Montessori Newborn Black & White Book*1
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Owl, Crab, Koala, Ladybug, Lion, Star