One-button Press Type Ice Mold Box

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Color: Green [Set Single Layer]

Green [Set Single Layer]
Yellow [Set Single Layer]
White [Set Single Layer]
Purple [Set Single Layer]
Green [Set Double layer]
Yellow [Set Double layer]
White [Set Double layer]
Purple [set Double layer]

 One Touch Release

The One-button Press Type Ice Mold Box allows for effortless removal of multiple ice cubes with just one press. This convenient product can produce either 32 or 64 ice cubes depending on size preference. Its superior design makes it more user-friendly for ice release, ice making, and ice storage compared to traditional ice trays.

Food Grade Material

These ice molds are constructed from PET, a food-grade material that is free of BPA and non-toxic. They are designed for direct contact with food, making them safe for use in producing beverages and food. Say farewell to inexpensive, single-use ice trays by storing these molds.

Easy to clean

The One-button Press Type Ice Mold Box features a non-stick surface that is easily cleaned. It is designed to withstand temperatures between -4°F and 140°F while ensuring safe usage. Avoid using dishwasher, and simply rinse before use. Get it today and experience its convenience!

Enjoy DIY

This ice mold box is designed for easy one-button pressing, making it perfect for use at home, parties, and bars. Create ice cubes for your favorite beverages, including coffee, whiskey, and even homemade snacks and candies. Add a touch of DIY fun to your life and keep cool all summer long.

How to use it?

  1. Place the liquid in an ice cube and store in the refrigerator for about 6 hours
  2. Invert the frozen ice mold
  3. Cover the lid and press to remove the ice

Note: If it freezes tightly, it may be necessary to press in two directions. It is recommended to hold the other side of the cover by hand when pressing

Product Description

  • Name:One-button Press Type Ice Mold Box
  • Style:32grid/64grid
  • Color:yellow,green,purple,white
  • Material: food grade ABS+PET+PP material


Additional Information

Green [Set Single Layer], Yellow [Set Single Layer], White [Set Single Layer], Purple [Set Single Layer], Green [Set Double layer], Yellow [Set Double layer], White [Set Double layer], Purple [set Double layer]