Montessori Baby Cloth Book

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Color: Farm

Sea World
Jungle Adventure
Farm+Jungle Adventure
Sea World+Jungle Adventure

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Do you want your infant to interact with you in a meaningful way?
Lots of infants become easily distressed. When you attempt to interact with them, they seem either disinterested or become inconsolable. As a new parent, this can be incredibly disheartening and you may question whether you are doing something wrong or if your baby dislikes you. Rest assured, you are not to blame - you are doing great! Fortunately, toys and activities like Montessori baby cloth books can help enhance your parenting experience.

As a fresh guardian, you require all the assistance you can obtain.
Having trouble getting enough rest while worrying about your baby's development and learning? Worry no more! Montessori Baby Cloth Book has got you covered, providing your baby with essential growth and learning opportunities.

  • They will develop sensory functions and strengthen their hand-eye coordination
  • They will train their hearing and develop spatial awareness
  • Reading this book together and pointing things out will develop their sight and grasping
  • This toy also reduces infants' anxiety, agitation, discomfort, and restlessness

We prioritize safety, ensuring trustworthiness and reliability.
The one thing every new parent obsesses over is their baby's safety. You do as well. So it's only natural that the toys your baby comes in contact with present no danger. Hence the "cloth" book. Every part of it is soft but durable enough to withstand all the gnawing and tearing.

You can just throw it in the washing machine.
Since your baby will most likely try to chew on it, the toy must always be perfectly clean. But you don't have time to wash it by hand all the time. That's why we made it washable in the washing machine. Just use the lower temperature settings. Throw it in there and forget about it!


  • Age: 0+
  • Size: 10 in x 6 in (25.4 x 15.24cm)
  • Material: Polyester fiber, PVC paper, PP Cotton
  • Suitable for people; girls, boys
  • Special function: handle
  • Toy material: non woven fabric

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Farm, Sea World, Jungle Adventure, Farm+Jungle Adventure, Sea World+Jungle Adventure